Teledentistry: What You Need to Know

Teledentistry: What You Need to Know

September 1, 2021

Teledentistry is a fairly new practice that has become quite popular in the past year. Typically, if you have oral problems, you need to book an appointment with the dentist and visit the clinic to get a diagnosis. But with teledentistry, you don’t even need to visit a dental clinic to get a diagnosis or advice. An online dental consultation allows you to get access to information and advice from a distance.

Teledentistry is a branch of telehealth, a concept within healthcare aiming to provide health solutions from a distance. This is done through methods such as video and phone calls.

Telehealth has always been there, but it has become even more popular in the last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic that forced many people to work from home. Now, it has become so common that a good number of people prefer traditional appointments. In this blog, we will discuss teledentistry in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Teledentistry

Teledentistry has been hugely accepted, and it is because it comes with many benefits. These benefits include:

No Need to Take Time Off

Before teledentistry, you had to take a day off from your work to visit the dentist to get a diagnosis. But with teledentistry, you can get a consultation even when you are at work during tea break or lunchtime. You don’t need to take time off, saving the time to do other productive activities.

Emergency Service

With teledentistry, emergency dentists are available at any hour of day or night. As a patient, you can contact the dentist even in the middle of the night and get the help that could mean saving your natural tooth.

Reduced Costs

The cost of getting services through teledentistry is lower compared to the traditional way. You will not need to travel, saving the money you would’ve used for oil. Furthermore, you could try as many dentists as you want until you get the one who is most suitable for your family.

Saves Time

Evidently, getting an online dental consultation will save you a lot of time since you will not need to travel to the dental clinic. What’s more, after treatment, you will not need to go back to the dentist more often for follow-ups since the dentist can advise you electronically.

How Does Virtual Consultation Work?

Like you would expect, online consultation is easy and fast. You don’t need anything special for it; just your phone, tablet or computer. The typical procedure is usually as follows:

  • Visit the website of the clinic of your choice and complete the online consultation form.
  • List your concerns whether you want gum disease treatment, braces, etc. Please be as detailed as possible to make it easier for the dentist.
  • Upload a few pictures of your teeth. Ideally, make sure there are between three and six images. There will be some easy-to-follow tips on how you should take pictures of your teeth.
  • Make sure everything is how you want it and submit the registration form.
  • The dentist will receive your request and contact you as soon as possible for recommendations or diagnosis.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Teledentistry?

Typically, anyone concerned about their dental health is a perfect candidate for teledentistry. The faster you get help from a dentist, the better the chances of saving your natural teeth. Anyone with an illness and does not like traveling or is disabled couldalso benefit greatly from teledentistry. However, you could also schedule a teledentistry appointment even if you think you have perfectly healthy teeth. The dentist can identify early problems you could never notice.

Where Can I Have a Teledentistry Consultation?

You could have an online consultation at any place you want as long as you are comfortable at the place. It could be in your office, at home, or even in your car.

Does Insurance Cover Teledentistry Consultations?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, most insurance providers are changing their policies to accommodate teledentistry. If your provider supports teledentistry, the bill will be billed to the company for reimbursement. Be sure to confirm with your provider, though.

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